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Start your day with time for you

Recently I have been getting out of bed a lot earlier than I have always done so far. I tend to describe myself as a morning person, rather than an evening person, and I have always had a rhythm of struggling to get out of bed – even after a good night of sleep – and loving to stay up until the later hours of night because I feel most energetic that time of day. Things have changed though, with the summer coming in, and my partner having to put his alarm clock at the shocking time of 5.40am every morning to go to work…

Trying to keep on sleeping until 7am when the house is full of life and activity in the early hours just doesn’t work. I tried this for a few weeks and I felt even more tired because my sleep was being interrupted several times: love snoozing his alarm clock, love getting out of bed, love returning from the bathroom, love making a coffee in the kitchen, love coming to say goodbye – you get the picture! A few wakes ago I decided to get up early too, somewhere between 6am and 6.20am, and to join my love for a coffee before he leaves for work. How lovely! We both enjoy the few minutes together in the morning, and I get to enjoy a quiet house for quite a bit of time before I need to go to work. I have started to really appreciate these early mornings in the house and/or the garden, and I would like to give you this advise: start your day with time for you!


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As I am walking around the house, looking around the rooms and thinking about what else I could do to give the house that nice personal touch, I am reflecting on how grateful I am for so many things in my life at the moment. Just two weeks ago my partner and I signed the rental contract for this beautiful 100-year old cottage, that to me just seems the perfect house for the two of us. It is white and blue from the front, which I immediately adored, but it is the light in the house that made me fall in love with this lovely, characteristic cottage. For months and months and months have I put all my wishes and positive energy towards moving out of the family home of my partner. Almost every yoga class I dedicated my class and my energy towards positive changes in our lives. And from the moment we decided we were finally (financially) ready for this next step, everything has gone so fast that it almost seems a dream.

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People with Passion: Joy Marshall from Joyful Fair

It has been months since I have seen Joy and that is not because she is so hard to find in Adelaide. Is there a market or exciting event on in Adelaide? Sure you can find Joy around somewhere, sharing her passion and love for Fair Trade and the producers of her beautiful handcrafted products. Wether you have been to the Summer Friday’s in the East End last summer, you go to the Organic & Sustainable Market at Henley Beach on a Saturday morning, you visited the Royal Adelaide Show last month or you are a frequent visitor of Adelaide’s ever growing Gilles Street Market, you will be sure to come across the ever friendly and smiling Joy!

Joy Marshall from Joyful Fair

On a beautiful, sunny autumn day Joy and I met for a coffee at Henley Beach Square – of course a Fair Trade and organic coffee in a nice cafe called Zootz – to chat about her passion for Fair Trade and her dedication to educating and inspiring people to make more conscious choices while they are shopping or looking for a gift for a friend. She only started her small business Joyful Fair in 2012, after having travelled on several occasions to countries like India and Cambodia. Her interest in Fair Trade started when her brother and his wife lived in India and she visited them there, as well as travelling to Nepal. She was shocked by the amount of poverty that she saw and while observing and talking to people she started realising that many of the locals completely relied on travellers to give them some money or to buy their products. This way of living is not stable and sustainable on the long run and Joy was convinced there must be better ways. Continue reading


Love the planet. Go to the library.

When was the last time you went to the library to find yourself a nice book to read? How often do you consider if your local library has a copy of your favourite magazine, before you decide to just buy it? If you are a little bit like me you probably love books and magazines, and there is nothing better than spending hours in a good bookshop to look at all those beautiful, interesting, inspiring, fascinating and informative books, flicking through the pages, reading the back covers and looking at the photos. There is a certain atmosphere I like about bookshops and I love going to different bookshops in different countries, even if I don’t understand as much of the books because the language is less familiar to me. This morning I decided that I would go to a bookshop in the centre of Adelaide to look up certain specific books I am after, not because I want to buy them, but because I need them for inspiration. It wasn’t until my partner suggested it, that I decided to go to the local library instead. I am happy I did. With a bag full of interesting books, and a cheerfulness after a few lovely, relaxing hours spent reading magazines and flicking through books, I returned back home.

LoveTheEarthBorrowing books from the library makes so much sense. Libraries have an enormous choice in books, but also have magazines, CD”s, DVD’s and even toys and boardgames for loan. Instead of all of us buying every book or magazine that we like, by putting them all together in the library the whole local community can benefit and every book or magazine gets a far greater use out of it. You get the chance to try all sorts of books and explore topics that you might not normally want to spend money on, because it’s all there for you, for free. And if you don’t like the book so much after all, you can just bring it back and did not loose any money, another benefit. Sharing books, magazines and toys means that we all end up with less stuff in our houses, and that our individual environmental footprints are a lot lower.

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5 Tips for bike riding on a cold autumn day

Last Sunday I shared an old blogpost with you from last year’s autumn in Adelaide. Where the autumn until very recently still felt very much the same like last year – not really autumn for this Dutch lady – I have to say that the last few days feel a little, little bit more like autumn days the way I am used too from back home in the Netherlands. Last Sunday it was raining and grey outside, but at some point in the afternoon it started clearing up and I decided to go for a bike ride. One thing I have come to realise here is that part of the reason that people complain about how cold it is, has nothing to do with the outside temperature. What the real ‘problem’ is, is the fact that the houses are not built for colder days and are not well insulated. As soon as the temperature drops a bit outside, it feels very cold inside.


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Australian Autumn Days

Today was the first day of this year’s autumn that I really felt it was a beautiful autumn day. The whole morning it was raining and the the wind became stronger and stronger. After very recent days of 25, 28 and even 30 degrees it actually felt quite cold today, with only 17 degrees.. brrrr! Since I have always loved the differences of the four seasons, I love days like this when I get to see that Adelaide does have real typical days for the right time of year, although this does seem to be only occasionally… Last year I wrote a blog post about Australian Autumn Days on a food focused blog that I had started earlier. I read it back today and would like to share it with you, because what I wrote last year about autumn here in Adelaide, still felt very much the same this year. Until today! I hope you enjoy this post from the past, and soon I will share some beautiful photos that I made today on Henley Beach, where the wind, cold air, rain and sunshine made me really enjoy a beautiful Aussie Autumn Day!

Australian Autumn Days

First published on March 13th 2012 – slightly adapted

PICT0004The smell of apple, cinnamon and cloves is filling the kitchen with warm Dutch autumn memories. Although what I am cooking is a very simple appelmoes, made from some old, wrinkly apples that I bought in the Adelaide Central Market for only a dollar, the smell makes me think of pannekoeken met appel en kaneel, Dutch pancakes with apple and cinnamon. Preferably made by my Mum, on a dark and cosy autumn night. One thing that is missing in this moment of my Dutch thoughts and memories is the cold air, the rain and the grey clouds…

I am sitting in the kitchen in Adelaide in the season that is officially called autumn. But I still find it hard to believe that it is autumn at the moment. When I think of autumn I think of wet days with continuing rain and riding my bike through strong winds that try to push me into the canals while the tree leafs are flying through the air. I think of sitting in the train and staring out of the window that is covered in raindrops, to see the empty fields of grass filling up with big puddles of water. I think of days that are getting shorter and nights getting darker, which asks for spending more time indoors with family or friends, eating warming dishes like pumpkin soup, a vegetable stew with potatoes and warm spices or pancakes with cheese and stroop, or with apple and cinnamon. And lots of speculaasjes of course, as a sweet snack with my big mugs of Yogi Classic tea. But here in Adelaide I do not really feel the need to eat heart and toe warming vegetables stews and soups. Yes, there is a fair bit of wind today and for the first times since weeks there are some clouds coming in to cover the blue sky for a while. But the air feels warm and humid, with thunderstorms to be expected later in the day, while feeling steamy and hot. Continue reading

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Too Good To Waste

TGTW LOGO with OzH ACM-1I am very excited to announce that tonight the first in a series of cooking demonstrations will take place as part of the campaign Too Good To Waste, organised by OzHarvest in partnership with the Adelaide Central Market. Tonight Silvia Hart, known as the Honey Lady and the Lunchbox Lady, will be whipping up her famous chocolate and beetroot tart and will share everything she knows about this month’s seasonal theme: the beautiful beetroot. The aim of Too Good To Waste campaign is to raise awareness about sustainable food practises in the household, with a particular focus on food waste avoidance. This includes teaching Australians to shop with the seasons, share delicious and simple recipes, leftover tips and preserving methods that are achievable for anyone – so you can really make the most of your produce. Continue reading